Like Giants

When you're alone with your thoughts, 
do you like what you hear;
Or does the creeping dark
walk a little too near?

When the night sings to you
its heartfelt lament;
Does it halt your breath
as you surrender assent? 

Like a silhouette driven
through dreams of youth;
Did you never quite grasp
your deepest truth? 

Whilst whispers dance
upon the breeze;
Do you wake in fields
of skeleton trees? 

Do you weep for them
and ask their names;
Secretly knowing
things will never be the same? 

Were you ever pushed away
by one you love;
Whilst you claw and kick
and search above? 

Did you ever wish
for your final release;
Where at the last you knew
you would find your peace? 

Did you ever feel
you've felt too much;
Like the drowning lands
the seas have touched? 

Or do you walk in armour
through battlefields;
Though the others you pass
carry no shields? 

Have you asked yourself
all the same;
Have you ever really challenged
or joined the game? 

What do you run from
what do you seek;
Where have you come from
and are you really so weak? 

You know you are not
so why do you hide?
You are bigger than this
it is now time to stride

You are bigger than this
and all shall see;
You are larger than life
like a giant...

And free.


Earthcrawler (Fall Or Flight)

Giants leap over
The mountain you climb
Breathless; undermined

Outliers watch
Like sentinels
Unblinking; eternal

Your tattered garb
Resembles circling birds
Akin; edgewalker

Filled with doubt
They wheel from afar
Respectful; fearful

The same reasons
You'd always kept your distance
Undisturber; safekeeper

But you've climbed
The wrong mountain
Fraught; choicemaker

Time to test
Those tattered wings
Groundbreaker; ground breaker

You Raindrop Maiden

How far did you fall
You raindrop maiden?
I hear the silence was good company
 I hear the silence still
 It reminds me of your selfless gift
 It reminds me of your loss

Had I known you longer
Raindrop maiden
I might have learned your scent
 I might have it
 To remember you by
 I might have something left

Was there gravity beyond me
Raindrop maiden,
Was there treasure yet ahead?
 I know there's beauty wreathed in solitude
 And the heather is in bloom
 But beauty will not save you, Raindrop Maiden

It did no such thing for me

We The People, We The Sharks

A stand on which to hang your hats
A land in which to kill your blacks
A captive audience to hear your tales
But don't capsize whilst you slaughter whales
Two hands with which to feed your mouth
 Never mind those starving in the south
 What a bargain, what a steal
 So many shadows for all your deals
You dress real sharp, yeah you dress real nice
 Don't dare you think we don't see the lice
  'We're a land of peace, not bloody toil,
 Oh wait - you say there's oil?' 
Our leaders magicians who distract the eye
  'Tis the youth who graffiti the world, not I'
 You can cover our art with colours bland
 But there is red that won't wash off your hands
You perpetrate the suffering of those you don't see
 So you can fill your pockets with torturous glee
 It's probably best you don't turn around
 When your golden ship finally runs aground
 When the sedated masses have all become sharks
 And begin to circle in the dark
 And at the last you'll wish you had paid heed
 To an oceans level that is rising indeed
 And those fins will draw closer in the night
 A very small step towards making things right

The Lives We Touch

The little man boldly strode toward the edge.
At no point did he slow, or ever appear affronted by his chosen path.
He had no questions for the inevitable descent;
He carried with him only the knowledge that he must move forward.

He must move forward. 

You sat and watched as he fell.
You watched as he broke.
You, who could have altered his fate;
You, who could have saved him. 

You, who had wound the cog in his back;
You, who had set his path. 

The Worlds That May Or May Not Collide

Why does the end of the world feel like tears that make me smile? 

Like the memory of all, dripping in to one
Like the reverie of the ocean
Churned by winds that mock and run

Like the severing of all motion;
Shared akin by clock and gun

Why does the utter lack of meaning gift such joy and such despair?

Like the writhing truth inside of every lie
Like the mysteries that hide behind
The peripheries where we glide

Like every single human experience;
Where worlds may or may not collide

The Aperture Of Time

In the aperture of time
How far do moments stretch
How deep the subtle influence
How far reaching, the fetch? 

An eyelet ever open
A gaze that never falls
A stage that none escape
For none can climb the walls

Does the aperture move with us
Or are we just passing through
Are the eyes that view eternity
One day our eyes too? 

Is it a constant overlapping
Or humanity in a blink
Pay attention or you'll miss it
We're standing on the brink