The Fragile Cast That Holds Your Waking

How large it looms
In flumes of love
In all the folds
Of time above
In fallen rhymes
And liquid gold
The belated shine
Of stories told
The fading glory
The prophets sold
With gilded pen
For the kings of old
Though bewildered hearts
Could not know when
 And could not know now
What the gods knew then
There is a madness 
In the hornets wings
Who feels no sadness
When he stings
And to remain aloof
Though the empress sings
 Is to abstain from truth
That will set you free
When you forget to be
Just who you are
Whilst falling through that
Which is calling you
And distant colours
Beyond your sight
Will suddenly lift
You into flight
And take you up
Into the flumes
Those shifting plumes
Of drifting light
Where weightless you
Will see at last
Your fate rests in
The shattered glass
In the breaking of
That fragile cast
That for a while 
Held your waking
But could not
Hold you forever
And as the prophets foretold
All the gold will fade
But not that
Which holds you together

Luke BarkerComment