The Reflection (And Beyond)


     She existed without love in the same way you existed with water.

     There was sweet nourishment in the isolation - and a thirst for it when people got too close. It was always others who moved toward her. And it was always her that would retreat.

     But like the water inside of your body, she was unknowingly held firmly within love. Her gaze intent upon the cold stone rising from the earth, oblivious to the truth in plain sight about her.

     Like the mirror on the water, love always tells the truth, but one must break the surface to then explore the depth. Her rigid stance empowered, she would not turn from the stone. But one can only retreat so far, and sometimes we need a shove to break the surface of that truth.

     To move beyond our own reflection;
     To disempower the illusion;
     To find that water now surrounds;
     And love has moved within.

     To find a new world we can explore...

     ...And that within it we can swim.

Silent Monolith


     How have I come to believe that I am so undeserving of love? Perhaps not underserving, but so entirely separate from it? A monument to solitude, crumbling. And maybe you can see me briefly before the cloud swallows me whole, but seeing is not reaching. There is no touch.

If you jump, the fall will kill you.
If you swim, the ocean will claim you.

Out here there is only me; silent monolith.