Like Giants

When you're alone with your thoughts, 
do you like what you hear;
Or does the creeping dark
walk a little too near?

When the night sings to you
its heartfelt lament;
Does it halt your breath
as you surrender assent? 

Like a silhouette driven
through dreams of youth;
Did you never quite grasp
your deepest truth? 

Whilst whispers dance
upon the breeze;
Do you wake in fields
of skeleton trees? 

Do you weep for them
and ask their names;
Secretly knowing
things will never be the same? 

Were you ever pushed away
by one you love;
Whilst you claw and kick
and search above? 

Did you ever wish
for your final release;
Where at the last you knew
you would find your peace? 

Did you ever feel
you've felt too much;
Like the drowning lands
the seas have touched? 

Or do you walk in armour
through battlefields;
Though the others you pass
carry no shields? 

Have you asked yourself
all the same;
Have you ever really challenged
or joined the game? 

What do you run from
what do you seek;
Where have you come from
and are you really so weak? 

You know you are not
so why do you hide?
You are bigger than this
it is now time to stride

You are bigger than this
and all shall see;
You are larger than life
like a giant...

And free.


Luke BarkerComment