The Remarkable Tanglings Of Light And Dark

It’s remarkable, the dark
And it’s laughable, and stark
From the first and the last
And the depth of the vast

Selves of creation
And hells of summation
And all this vibration
 Just storms through my heart

No chance did I stand
Right from the start
I glance at the parts
That I can’t comprehend

And I try and contend
But it’s all too much
When you don’t know your place
And you’re turned about face

In a world as such
And I watch it spin
From a different view
Than the one that suits you

And feel as though
I’m a light too dim
In a room too large
And it’s wearing thin

So i cease the barrage
And fade away
And sure enough
Day by day

The oceans grow deeper
And your beautiful cities
Are tangled in creepers
And yes you look

But you don’t seem to see
And haven’t you got
That down to a tee
So now I think

It’s time for me
To finish this drink
And then to leave
Surely there’s fresher air to breathe

Away from the pressure
That you’ve conceived
Here’s the canvas
Here’s the brush

Through my heart and veins
Now let it rush
And I’ll take great pains
 To see this through

Though at this point it seems
Like it’s more for you
I’ll admit that there’s music
That screams from my core

And it’s bold and it’s raw
And I’ve told you before
I’m entirely unsure
Of my place in the universe

Yet completely aware
That I’m deeply immersed

And though it’s stark
And though it’s laughable
There still shines a light
And it’s well beyond remarkable

Luke BarkerComment