The Collector Of Things Once Beautiful

      Resplendent, we thrive - for a time. Alive amidst a vast network of vibrance, shimmering within our confines, we tend to forget the inherent fragility that binds us all. 

But no matter how lovely your facade, eventually the tide will overcome you. Suddenly no more than a brittle shard you will tumble up into a new world, coming to rest as a pale replica of the brilliance you once never doubted.


And she will be waiting. 

She will gather you up as she has all others who have broken free, and her careful hands will hold you long beneath her gentle eyes.  She is bent - toward the fragility that has eluded her existence, toward the end that doesn’t come for her, toward the transition that she longs for. She has shaped herself into a collector of things once beautiful, arched forever toward the delicate state that eternity denied her.

When the colour fades - and it will fade - you will meet her, and her gaze will teach you the truth of us.

She will teach you that fragility is the essence of beauty.

Luke BarkerComment