An Inferno For The Common Man (You Have Music Too)


If there is anger here
It is that which you brought with you
Set it down aside your fears
But bring your tears
If you seek freedom

The minor chord that strikes your heart
Is at one with the shadows
Oh my dear fellow
You only feel small
 Because your whole world has enlarged

Scramble across
The unsound walls
And be assured voices will call
Your secret name
Do your best to ignore them

The empty spaces
Are yours to fill
The songs that spill
From your essence
Will enrich the monochrome canvas

No doubt you'll feel the presence
Of those who came before you
But the only heights they soared to
Were the walls they built
To keep you out

Diminished songs that whimper
Will not be received
And oh how they love to bereave
Those common men
Those common men who never leave

Do you feel my intensity
You seven billion souls?
When there are seven billion wholes
There is no place for the common
So find your sole (soul) conviction


Luke BarkerComment