Paint the Earth



    We are a forest, whether we all look the same or not. We all exist within the same energies of this world. Your attempts to strip the colour from those about you are foolish. Why do you fear so, those who choose to paint the Earth in a manner not prescribed by your bleak majorities? Is it merely resentment, in that they have the courage to stand alone, whilst you feel strength only when a thousand others stand with you, no matter how bleak your flimsy ideas? 

   I have no problem in isolating myself as fiercely as I need to, just to briefly touch the Earth with the colours of my passion. But there is space enough for every tint and every hue, for everyone is born imbued. You must not fear your intrinsic heart, or the hearts of those around you. The forest is large and the ideals are grey, but only so far as the colours of each are dimmed and kept at bay.

Luke BarkerComment