Erupt (Heart Flow)

     Open your chest; Allow your heart.

Ah ha! Yes - it is only you who has disallowed it, who has blocked the way. It is you who has devalued yourself.

     And there you have it! Cling to the activities that you think may be your purpose, assign them that label, and they will become very heavy indeed. Quite laborious in fact - though you love them!

     Now that you have found your true purpose, and realise that there is nothing for you to do, other than open your heart wider and allow exponentially for that flow of joy and beauty to increase - now you are released from the heaviness, from the weight that has burdened you! So long as erupting heart flow is at the core of all your thoughts and actions, then you are on course with your purpose, and ease will shine from everything you do. Peace will radiate from your being.

Luke BarkerComment