Almost Alone (The Teeth in the Vastness)

I went to bed in the vastness
Almost alone;
But for the hunger
- my mind
Serrated teeth in my conviction
And there's no one to hold
So I feast upon loneliness
Solitude I hold dear
But is that just because
There's no other option?
When the only thing
That connects us
Is the depth of the ocean

Almost alone;
But for my crumbling neighbours
In an uneasy sea
Who settle contentedly
Beneath the sleek roving monsters
And for some reason above
Illumined in the night
I stand in the south wind
confused by my light

Almost alone;
But for the kiss of the waves
Those lovely lips
That swell up around me
And make love to my dreams
But offer no climax
The dangerous seductress
Who'll bring about my demise
But I resist the decay
Whilst I attempt to surmise
A reason for being
Here in the first place

Almost alone;
When all I crave is your touch
I want you desperate to fuck me
To swallow me whole
And throw my mind to the sharks
For they are the ones
Who are meant to have teeth
Not me in the vastness
Well beyond your reach

Almost alone;
But for the very same questions
And for the very same answers
That none of us know
And so we stand in the dark
Slowly crumbling
And wonder if maybe
We'll at last be together
Once we've all turned to sand
And made our way to the deep
And our relentless desires
Have all been put to sleep
And we'll drift with the tide
Almost alone;

But for the very same existence
That we used to call home

Luke BarkerComment