Your Space in the Dark (Or the Light)

    How often did you drop your head, and succumb to the tendrils in the dark? How often did you close your eyes, hoping only to make it through, awaiting only the scars? You never questioned the talons, reaching from the depths; reaching from the heights. You never  questioned your standing, your place in the world, never once gave credence to yourself. 

I implore you my friend - raise your eyes. 

See, and see well: the space that you occupy is yours alone. A space has been afforded your existence, equal to all else that has ever been afforded existence. Though tendrils reach, and the forest warps around you, there is a space that remains for you at all times, that none can invade. And the power that you have given to that which exists above, below and around you, exists for you no less. 

It is only dark because you have closed your eyes.
There will only be scars, because you allow the wounds.

My friend; raise your eyes, and see.

Luke BarkerComment