It's going to be very confusing. And if you care to think about it, not a great deal will make sense. Time will rush by, though you'll feel as if you're standing still. What's time? Oh, you'll find out once you get there, I promise. Now, there will be many of you. So many in fact, that you won't meet the vast majority of them, even though all of them have the capacity to - and will - affect your life directly. Love will at times become a foreign concept to you, and you will often feel utterly alone. So much so, that even though you all look roughly the same, you will come to believe that you are very separate from them, as if you haven't all come from the same energy in the first place.

     You will absolutely feel alone. 

You will experience a perceived 'shrinking' of your very being, and the energy and the ideas of the others will often overpower you. And though you will feel very small, and very timid, and very unimportant, this shrinking will be your chance from which to grow. To create from your own expanding being, to integrate the energies that you perceive to be essential to your nourishment. And this in turn, will nourish the planet that will hold your being. Remember that no matter how influential the others seem to be (pretend to be), they have often done nothing more than inherit ideas passed down to them. You are not being sent there for that purpose though, I am pleased to say. 

     You will arrive to bring new ideas. 

You are going to shift the energies of a world. You are going to be a dynamic system buster who will not accept meekly what others boldly inform you. None are enlightened. Not for your benefit, anyway. Write that down. Enlightenment can only ever be from the self, for the self. And this is where you shall have your impact. Ah yes you are a quick learner - that is true. You will forget this once you arrive. But I promise you will have a sense of it entrenched deep within you, so stop interrupting me and write it down. 

     You are far more qualified for this role than you will give yourself credit for during your time there. In fact, you will most likely err on the side of doubt and fear. But I tell you, even in those times, you will be positively influencing far more than you can possibly imagine. Your presence alone will stir hearts, will inspire questions and will ignite passion wherever you go. So don't be too hard on yourself in your short time on Earth (I know you won't listen to me on that point, but don't say I didn't try to help you).

     And now we come to it. You're heading in. The start will be a tad confronting I'm afraid. You haven't heard of these phenomena, but there'll be blood, shit, and you'll scream a lot. But everyone else in the room will be crying tears of joy, and they usually clean you up pretty quickly. Goodbye and good luck, and remember: NONE ARE ENLIGHTENED!!

Time. Space. Earth. Humans. Humanity.



     ...Welcome back, dear being of the universe, that wasn't so bad, was it? Well of course we only just stopped speaking, I told you time would be a little confusing, did I not? And yes, in the meantime, you have contributed to shifting the energy of a world. You have exerted your innate presence upon paradigms that otherwise would have remained muddied and heavy. And - what? Yes! Of course you can go back in! I was hoping you would ask that. Delicious isn't it? So rich with experience and texture. And time is quite a doozy, takes a few goes to get the hang of it. Oh my, you have a lot of questions don't you - no I am not God. What did I tell you about humans and their ideas - There is no such thing. There is only us. 

     All of us.

Luke BarkerComment