Humane (Is a Dirty Word)

     Our planet - our home - has for humanity always been a battlefield. The only thing that changes is the chameleon of war. From swords to slavery, and drones to nukes. From those we burned at stakes or imprisoned for challenging beliefs. From current day mind control and deliberate distraction from truth and from harmony. From every decision to segregate, from every hierarchy and entitled royal embarrassment and every fearful tirade spewed forth with misguided passion; targeted because perhaps you're a woman or maybe you find pleasure in the man's penis sitting next to you whilst he finds pleasure in yours. When every single government has gone rogue, infested with individuals who grin stupidly at kickbacks from puppet masters, when we live entrenched in an economy driven civilization; when the word 'inhumane' is bandied about to describe humans who have acted atrociously - the very fact that humans have acted so suggests to me that every single act of war (in whichever form it takes) is indeed 'humane'.

     The word humane pertains to how we act as humans. It is not yet entirely a definition of love or compassion or respect or moral high ground, until humans cease their acts of war. At this point the character of humanity is a flimsy and timid thing. Riddled with fear. Quick to anger. Unapologetic for self righteous ideals that openly harm other beings. So happy to hold down the head of the drowning man whilst stockpiling brand name arm floaties. Frighteningly excited by anything that encompasses us versus them.

     The earth is a battlefield. And humanity has made it so.

     We are very humane indeed. We can not be anything but. And what does that encompass? Luckily the earth hasn't given up on us just yet, and invites us perpetually to see that it is not a prerequisite of human existence to be at war, despite the daily invitations. One can sit behind waterfalls, or float in oceans. There are hikes through forests, there are unending definitions of family, there are artists and comedians and musicians and philosophers and there is infinite scope for creation and there is sexuality and there is science and there is us...

     But there is certainly no 'them'.

Luke BarkerComment