Examination Of A Fractured Existence

        Maybe existence is a jigsaw puzzle. A multidimensional, dynamic, sensual tapestry, solving itself moment by moment, eon by eon. The philosophers, scientists and seekers to this point were always doomed, because the puzzle - existence - could only ever be solved to the extent at which it existed, in its totality at any given time. And therefore, even the most encompassing postulations, would only be accurate relative to the capacity of existence at that point, but also entirely susceptible to its very own shifting nature. The same nature that holds within itself those questions as a possibility. 

Then at some point in the continuum, it will have reached its absolute; its perfection, and time will no longer be required, and space will be defunct, for once solved, it negates its own purpose for existing in the first place. But this will not be a sad or devastating event - for those within the realms of such an existence, would find it possible to touch the extent of that perfection, the whole, and they would find it possible to witness the pieces that brought them to their present. 

And they will know. (Not only will they know, but they will know that they know)

And they will also see that, given perfection as an end, perfection must therefore have existed at every juncture of the constant, in every element of its own reality, though impossible to witness as a preemptive.

Existence would be aware of its end at all times, of which I am a part, of which you, are a part. Existence, without a definitive answer, is not without an answer definitively - only so much as it can know within any moment of flux, until there is flux no more...