The Evolution Of Joy


You know you are having a good day when your poor little human mind can no longer contain the pure, unbridled, euphoric explosions that bubble and brim from within your heart. All of the seven words in your vocabulary escape you, and everything is wondrous and stupefyingly exciting. 

The large, dull humans laze about, and do not grab at the incredible treasures strewn, shimmering from the very world around you. Nor do they run to and fro, eyes wide and faces riddled with sheer, unbounded elation. There is no time for the pondering of such trivial behaviour though, for the world is so full of joy that any distraction may keep you from ever discovering it all.

The large humans relax on the grass, and serenely drink in the warm summer afternoon, and the enthusiasm of the little one bouncing around them. They smile, and know that there will be no end to the joy from the world they have created.