Scent of Sky

     Fleeting; a study in absurdity.

Wipe it all away, like the dust on your coffee table, like the tears in your eyes. There's no need, nothing is important. Not you, not me.

     Blink of an eye,
     Hint of serenity,
     No beginning,
     No end,
     Spectrum of sky,
    Ascending infinity.

Let it stand, let it stay, wipe those tears, lose your way.

     You were not meant to be, but see here you are,
     You climb the crumbling walls then fall from afar.

Let them grow, the forests over cities, let them sprawl, let them thrive.
You were never meant to be, not you, not alive.

     But see here you are,
     The crushing reality,
     Hearts sink,
     Hearts dive.

Glimpse the spectrum, scent of sky;

     Say hello...

Now say goodbye.

Luke BarkerComment