Find Your Voice (Creator)


    Find your voice. This does not mean to speak always.
It means thoughtful presence laced with gravity. It means emanating portions of yourself, measures of considered radiance.

     Find your vibrance. This does not mean to paint your face; there is no need to embellish.
It means becoming aware of your ghostly reach in silence. It means knowledge of the interaction of your energy, with all energy about you. Intricate, ineffable, intrinsic influence. 

     Find your place. This does not mean to take a seat and write your pretty name.
It means gentle acknowledgement of the beauty swimming within you. It means the space within existence that you occupy, and of the perpetual conversation your innate being shares with a universe you are only now awakening to. 

A universe which holds you gently suspended, Creator, and provides the potential for all the colour, and all the shape, and every form you should wish to take. 

And you will know, that harmonies dance and intertwine, when you meld your energy with mine. How rich will the songs of our existence be when it is we who choose the very sounds of our interconnection, 



Luke BarkerComment