A Gift For The Sea


    You have a gift for the sea.

It is not yours to carry, after all. It is not inherent. You have grabbed at it with glee for so long that it may even be possible that you do not feel comfortable without it. You do not feel yourself, without it.

Oh how agonisingly clever we are that we can convince ourselves of such things.
How strong we believe we are, for the weight we choose to walk beneath.
How proud of our struggles.
How ignorant of our innate peace.

It is ok to release the weight.
It is ok, to release the wait.

Leave your turbulence for the sea.
Let the towering earth beneath your feet lean with you as the updraft 
removes it from your grasp.

You are the frequency you send forth from your soul; not the tempest you receive from the world.

Gift it to the sea.

Luke BarkerComment